Efficient and professional
warehousing and fulfillment center for e-commerce companies

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Vi sørger for varemodtagelse, lagerstyring, pluk/pak, forsendelse
til ind- og udland, returhåndteringer m.m.
Vi anvender lagerløsninger, som nemt kan integreres med de fleste ERP- og
shop systemer som f.eks. Shopify og WooCommerce.
Alle vores kunder er integreret med vores WMS så vi og kunden har et fuldt
realtidsoverblik og status på samtlige ordrer og processer.

Vi tilbyder skræddersyede lagerløsninger til både store og små webshops indenfor interiør, tøj, sko, smykker, tasker, legetøj, makeup, kosttilskud, elektronik, bøger m.m.


We handle all warehouse-related tasks for e-commerce companies. Everything from receipt of goods, storage, prep of orders and quality checks through to picking, packing and distribution of orders – both nationally and internationally. We integrate directly with your shop or ERP system.

Lager automatisering og proces optimering | Puffins Fulfillment

Automated inventory management

We store your products in a heated Class A facility, managed by a cloud based state of the art WMS with automated picking systems (Kardex).
Effektiv pluk og pak | Puffins Fulfillment

Effficient pick and pack

Optimized pick and pack handling. Automated for smooth and effective order management.
Pakke forsendelse til hele Europa | Puffins Fulfillment

Shipments are distributed globally

Whether you ship B2C or B2B we offer solutions world wide based on a variety of transportation companies.
Integrationer | Puffins Fulfillment

Plug & Play integrations

We make it easy for webshops to do business with us and their customers. For this purpose we offer a host of standard integrations and plugins with our WMS.


Why outsource your inventory?

Orders from all of your shopping platforms are automatically sent to our warehouse management system through integrations

Based on standard connectors (API) we channel all of your online orders from any shopping platform directly into our WMS. Perhaps you use Shopify, Woocommerce or yet another platform, but fact is that the possibility is the same. In case you prefer we can also integrate easily with a number of ERP systems.

Future-proof and scalable solutions

Our warehouse management system has been tailored specifically to the requirements of Puffins Fulfillment and our customers.

Variable costs

By outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment needs and integrate with a professional partner who has both systems and know-how you will avoid the workload associated with logistics. By contracting out your warehouse, you will also make your warehousing costs variable, which will make it easy to budget even during the various seasons, high and low, campaigns and much more.

Competitive freight rates

We have negotiated very competitive pricing with the most popular parcel distributors, and we handle shipments to destinations both within and outside of the EU. Contact for more information on how we can support you.

How it works

Fulfillment made simple

Simpel integration | Puffins Fulfillment

1. Connect

Establish a connection, forward master data and ship your physical stock to us. 
Effektiv pluk og pak | Puffins Fulfillment

2. Store

We stock your inventory in a proper area and assure they are taken good care of.
Forsendelse af pakker | Puffins Fulfillment

3. Ship

As soon as your customer places an order online a picking ticket is printed at our warehouse. We then pick, pack and ship accordingly and within a predefined time.

Tailor-made and scalable fulfillment solutions

As one of the leading fulfillment centers in Denmark, we have expertise in handling inventory management, picking and packing, shipping and return handling. We can tailor a solution that fits your e-commerce needs and size.

When you choose Puffins as your fulfillment partner, you can expect a smooth and efficient process. We work closely with you to ensure your goods are handled with care and stored safely in our state-of-the-art facility. We also ensure that your customers have an excellent experience, from fast delivery to hassle-free returns.

Fulfillment, logistik og distribution know how | Puffins Fulfillment
Lager overblik med vores dashboard | Puffins Fulfillment

Get help to grow your business


Our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to helping you grow your business and increase your customer satisfaction. We also offer an intuitive online platform where you can track your inventory, orders and shipments in real time.

Therefore, whether you are a newly started webshop or an established company, Puffins Fulfillment can help you take your e-commerce to the next level. Contact us today for more information and a personal conversation about your situation and requirements.


Plug & play integrations

The most challenging in outsourcing part of a business is typically the integration part, however, Pufifins Fulfillment can integrate with any kind of system whether it is an economy, shopping platform or an ERP system. Based on already established plug & play integrations we simplify the technical aspects of outsourcing, so that we in just a matter of days can implement a solution based on your business needs.

Woocommerce integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Woocommerce integration | Puffins Fulfillment
shopify integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Microsoft dynamics business central integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Visma integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Prestashop integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Woocommerce integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Woocommerce integration | Puffins Fulfillment
shopify integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Microsoft dynamics business central integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Prestashop integration | Puffins Fulfillment
Visma integration | Puffins Fulfillment


Our dashboards provide an excellent overview

In our customer dashboard portal, you will have access to information regarding your orders, inventory levels, returns, shipments and other reports. In addition, you with have all inventory data and shipment tracking information. Bottom line, we have made it easy to scale your business in a professional setup.

Do you want us to contact you?

If you want to speak to one of of our logistics experts høre mere om, hvordan I kan integrere et professionel fulfillment setup med jeres forretning? Så udfyld formularen, og vi kontakter dig snarest.

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