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About Puffins

Professional E-commerce Fulfillment

At Puffins Fulfillment, we focus on quality, automation and transparency. We are our customers' professional e-commerce fulfillment setup, where we handle everything within warehousing, picking, packing and distribution with automated solutions and integrations.

We make life easier for you through simple and scalable solutions, with an eye for sustainability. With an attractive location close to Messecenter Herning and the highway network, we distribute to customers world wide.

“When executing on an idea, the path must be as smooth and positive an experience as possible. If there are too many complications or generally just delays in the process, you will lose momentum and you must avoid this at any cost.”

Carsten Ladefoged, CEO, Puffins Fulfillment

Dette var afgørende for de tanker som stifteren af Puffins, Carsten Ladefoged, gik med inden han kastede sig ud i et nyt ambitiøst projekt med fokus på online shops. Med 30 års erfaring inden for global logistik i bagagen og efter at have talt med adskillige online shops om fulfillment udfordringer, stod det hurtigt klart, at beslutningen om at outsource sit lager til tredje part egentlig var det nemmeste.

The most difficult part was the actual execution of processes and integrations to the warehouse and fulfillment provider. In the creation of Puffins Fulfillment, therefore, systems and processes were the most important parameters. It must be easy and efficient to work with Puffins Fulfillment and system integrations should only take a few days.

Netop derfor arbejder vi med et cloud baseret lagersystem specielt udviklet til lagerhoteller med webshops som kunder. Det sikrer, at vore kunder kan vækste deres online shops i vort system uden problemer. Puffins har samtidigt investeret i plukkeautomater som effektiviserer selve ordrehåndteringen betydeligt – både hvad angår pluk og pak.

Carsten Ladefoged started his career with Samson Transport and after 30 years in the USA, he now lives in Herning, Denmark.

Fulfillment, logistik og distribution know how | Puffins Fulfillment

Fulfillment know how

We have more than 25 years’ experience in professional fulfillment, international e-commerce operation and online sales via B2B, B2C, B2G and marketplaces. 
Lager automatisering og proces optimering | Puffins Fulfillment

Automation & Technology

We are a technology-driven third-party logistics (3pl). Our automated solutions and picking systems ensure customers competitive pricing, quality and speed.
Kunden i fokus | Puffins Fulfillment

Customer Focus

At Puffins, we have made it easy for you to get started with professional e-commerce fulfillment. Through close dialogue, we ensure everything from a safe and diligent onboarding to continuous sparring, will help optimizing and growing your business.
Bæredygtig logistik | Puffins Fulfillment


At our class A warehouse facility, we have an eye for sustainability and will guide you in how to get the right level of sustainability in your logistics and fulfillment setup.


All tasks are performed in accordance with General provisions of the Nordic Freight Forwarders Association, (NSAB 2015). The provisions limit our liability for loss, deterioration or damage to goods to SDR 8.33 per. kg. and for delay up to the shipping amount, maximum SDR 50,000 for each order. During storage, the freight forwarder's total liability for damage in one and the same incident is limited to SDR 500,000 (§27).

Weight / size ratio
1 Cbm. = 333 kg.
1 Ldm. = 1850 kg. / 5.5 Cbm.
1 Pallet space (120 x 80 cm) = 0.4 Ldm / 740 kg.

If nothing else noted our pricing is based on NSAB 2015 excluding VAT. Pricing is always excluding any surcharges such as fuel and capacity surcharges.

Acceptance and validity
Offer is valid if accepted within 1 month or by agreement.

CVR.: 42528188​

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